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Trade Fair : Grand Event of the Year 6th Garment, Screen Embroidery garment Equipments

Nature of Exhibition

Nowadays, technology and information are involved with Thai operators in all sectors such as the manufacturing, trade, export industries, etc. The activity of organizing this exhibition is about bringing together operators in the fields of Garment and Textile manufacturing industry, Embroidered, Sewing Machine, Printing, Heat transfer, etc. The arrangement of this exhibition will allow all operators to receive up-to-date information from various organizations that join in this event. Such information is intended for being brought to be applied and adapted to the operation of each individual company in order to reduce costs and expenditure on management within the organization in an effective manner.

Purposes of Exhibition

1. To stimulate the economy and trade. In Business From entrepreneurs (B2B), business to consumer (B2C). 2. Opportunity to increase sales and reach a target group directly under the Concept "Innovative Technologies" 3. Product Information Alley to emphasize the brand (Brand) to be recognized more. 4. Open Market Trade And further business with a new customer base and meet and exchange ideas. Businessman forefront 5. Work Shop for visitors. Interested looking for new business



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